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Equinox Cinema

Equinox Cinema was held on September 22nd 2017 at 427 Hart Street in Brooklyn. The program focused on experimental analog work created by New York filmmakers. 

Curated by myself and Julie Orlick

Selezione D’oro

Selezione D’oro was held on June 2nd 2018 at Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn, New York. The program included super 8mm and 16mm films created by domestic and international filmmakers. Focusing solely on analog work, the event sought to engender a greater appreciation for motion picture film.

Chapter Three: You Can Never Go Home Again (Part 2) - Brian Ratigan
Before I was… Snow - Dawn George
Flora en Juno - Julie Orlick
Koropokkuru - Akiko Maruyama
Garden Forget-Me-Not - Annie Ling
The Road to Zennor - Mark Jenkin
Two - Carolina Mandia
Eros Drips from Eyes - Liv Soussan
GUN - Mary Billyou
The Melody of Decomposition - Alex Faoro


Designed Reminiscence Vol.1

Designed Reminiscence Vol.1 was the first event in a larger screening series that explores concepts of family, home and memory. The program included works made using a variety of mediums (digital video, super 8mm and 16mm) and theoretical modalities. As well, it featured domestic and international work as a way to bridge the geographic and cultural boundaries that inspire our persons and our images.

Uruguayan Home Movies - Carolina Mandia
There Are No Trains In Trinidad - Devon Narine-Singh
16 On 16 - Collette O'Brien
Idyll - Mary Billyou
A Girl's Prayer (Poem) - Tzuan Wu
If I Were Any Further Away I'd Be Closer To Home - Rajee Samarasinghe
A View From Dumpland - Michael Woods
Generation - Dan Browne
Ghosts For Love - Fergus Haughton
A Short History - Erica Sheu
The Melody Of Decomposition - Alex Faoro

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Argentine Experimental Cinema

Argentine Experimental Cinema is a unique program composed of thirteen short films that exhibit the contemporary super 8mm practices of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The contributing artists use a variety of different methods to explore the small format's materialistic and imaginative latitude. Filmmaker and AREA member Jeff Zorrilla was in attendance to represent the exhibited work.

White Trash - Jeff Zorrilla
Valle De Lobos - Azucena Losana
Lets Take a Walk - Moira Lacowicz
Oscuridad Sin Fin - Ernesto Baca Mx
Corriente - Julio Fermepin
Pifies - Ignacio Tamarit
Garage Mexico - Emiliano Cativa, Melisa Aller, Marto Alvarez, Fabiana Gallegos and Jeff Zorrilla
Vale Barcelona! - Paulo Pécora
Disuelto en la Lengua - Jeff Zorrilla
Perferacion - Benjamin Ellenberger
Breathe - Leonardo Zito
Resistfilm - Pablo Marín
Photooxidation - Pablo Mazzolo


8mm Experimental Cinema

This rare program will be composed of work that explores various aspects of 8mm film. The premiere will take place at Al’s Cinematheque on Saturday March 16th at 8pm.


Deranged Cinema will also be launching the first issue of its monthly publication, Film Motes. This will be available for purchase on the night of the event.

Lynne Sachs, Erica Sheu and Lorenzo Gattorna will be present for a brief Q&A following the screening.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was out of film in Chicago - Erica Sheu
Retracing Home - Karissa Hahn
Sketch Film #4 - Tomonari Nishikawa
Midway - Dan Browne
DFidédente - Annalisa D. Quagliata
Coda MCMLXXXV - Alex Faoro
Starfish Aorta Colossus - Lynne Sachs
Anche in paradiso non è bello essere soli - Lorenzo Gattorna

The program will also be showing this summer (2019) at a handful of cinemas and museums in Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina:

RISCO Cinema, Cinemateca do MAM - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (July 6th)

AREA, Lumiton museo del cine usina audiovisual - Buenos Aires, Argentina (July 11th)

Kino Palais - Buenois Aires, Argentina (July 12th)

Camara Lucida Encuentros Cinematográficos, TBD - Cuenca, Ecuador (TBD)

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Designed Reminiscence Vol.2

Designed Reminiscence Vol.2 will be the second screening in a larger series of the same name. The program will include work that explores concepts of family, home and memory. A call for entries will be issued in March of 2019.

Wednesday May 29th at Synesthesia, 8pm - 12am

Autojektor - Choker

Gio Lingao - Flower Codec Lotus

Tânia Dinis - Não são Favas, são Feijocas

Rrose Present - Tempesta a “Les Fonts” d’una memòria

Rajee Samarasinghe - The Exile

Alex Faoro and Helena Deda - Ditët e Luftës

Geneviève Marois-Lefebvre - Photos de famille

Lumia - Strawberry Season: ? (FiLMiC thought for Jerome Hiler) 

Jean-Jacques Martinod - Grabados del Ojo Nocturno

Adriana Lopez Garibay - Metamorfosis

Giuseppe Spina - Variazioni luminose nei cieli della città

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Aldo Tambellini / Early Film and Video

On Friday August 2nd Al’s Cinematheque will present a collection of Aldo Tambellini’s early film and video work. The program will include live musical performance and a multiple projection installation of Tambellini’s Lumagrams. As well, visiting filmmaker Michael Woods will be in attendance to give an introduction to the program and speak briefly about the continuing importance of the exhibited works.

John Chriest will perform a live musical accompaniment alongside No Name Film and the Lumagram display.

Black TV (1968)
Blackout (1965)
Black Plus X (1966)
No Name Film (w/ live musical performance)


6673 (1966-73)


Lumagram Projection Mapping (w/ live musical performance)

For Anna and Aldo / A short diary of the night

Michael and Aldo will also be screening their shared work at AgX Film Lab in Waltham, MA on Thursday August 15th at 8pm:

AgX and Alex Faoro present Aldo Tambellini and M. Woods


Rhapsody in Decay: 8mm films w/ live music

Super 8 / Regular 8mm originals projected and performed w/ live musical accompaniment. Featuring John Chriest on guitar and pedals, Dylan Greene on drums and Nkosi Nkululeko on keys. All performances will be highly improvised.

Program Information
Curated by Helena Deda
Approx. time - 55 minutes

The Melody of Decomposition by Alex Faoro (w/ sounds by John Chriest)

Coda MCMLXXXV by Alex Faoro (w/ sounds by Nkosi Nkululeko and Dylan Greene)

Elegy / whence we came by Alex Faoro (w/ sounds by all three musicians)

$5 at the door / BYOB
All proceeds divided evenly amongst performing artists